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Social Empowerment

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The mission of Social Empowerment Programs of New Mexico is to promote the development of emotional resiliency and social responsibility in young people by giving them skills to identify and deal effectively with the social aggression that most students encounter in some form as they grow up. Our purpose is to enable young people and the adults in their lives to recognize various forms of peer aggression and to empower them with effective strategies to respond to aggression in ways that affirm the integrity and address the needs of all participants, regardless of their role in a particular conflict. In our perspective, the prevention of violence is a collaborative responsibility shared by all members of a community, including the youth who are often witnesses. Prevention includes recognition of each individual’s responsibility in contributing to a safe social environment, and adult support and intervention to affirm that responsibility.


We believe that the development of the capacity for empathy is a crucial factor in prevention of violence, whether in a school environment or in adult venues such as marriage and the workplace. To that end, we believe that training young people how to accept and manage the inevitable differences between their own and others’ needs or perspectives is an important means of reducing violence in our communities. Our programs are aimed at fostering the development of empathy, tolerance, and emotional resiliency in young people, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, cultural background, or sexual orientation. Our objective is to promote individual awareness of our capacity to influence the social climate in which we live through the choices we make, and to provide each individual with strategies for effectively preventing peer aggression or constructively addressing it in ways that reduce the likelihood of its recurrence. 


We offer curriculum-based and experiential workshops, classes and after-school programs for children and youth, as well as faculty in-service training, educational programs for parents and community groups, and consultation to school administrations, agencies, and volunteer organizations.


Emily Driver Moore, Ph.D.


Dr. Emily Moore is a clinical psychologist who has maintained a private clinical practice in Albuquerque since 1981, specializing in adolescent and family issues. She has over 30 years' experience in working with youth in various venues including several juvenile-justice programs, psychological evaluations, and individual and family therapy. She is also a licensed school psychologist consulting with APS Behavior Intervention Program. Since 2003, Dr. Moore has presented programs in relational aggression, cyberbullying, peer mentoring, self-image and media literacy, and social empowerment for students, parents, and educators at public, independent, and charter schools around New Mexico.



 Emily D. Moore, Ph.D.
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